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App Development Process

Research & Planning Research & Planning
The foundation to the App
App Interface Design App Interface Design
The interface and App layout
App Construction App Construction
Construction and building the App
App Deployment App Deployment
Deploying the App to the marketplace

Make mobile apps
part of your
business strategy

Consumers live in a mobile world these days. Apps offer you the opportunity to interact with them and connect them to your brand.

At Magik Apps we create mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android, Windows, BlackBerry and mobile websites.

We offer Australia-wide application development services to businesses and organisations that want to keep up with the fast-growing mobile market.

Jump in the app market before the competition gets the same idea!

Why businesses want apps…
These days our Magik app developers get a lot of requests from local businesses in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast. More and more retailers, builders, property developers and travel agents want apps for mobile bookings, a portfolio presentation, or online ordering. We have successfully delivered practical apps for these industries and can help you build similar apps that suit your business needs.

Did you know that we build mobile apps that let you receive and process orders from suppliers and wholesalers on the move?

Here’s an example of an app we made for a Brisbane supplier 

If you are serious
about your app idea,
talk to us 

While we love mobile applications, we are not obsessed with just making more apps for the sake of it. At Magik we focus on quality. 

We develop apps that have a more than good chance of becoming successful. If you have a great app idea and want to bring that to the market, download the Magik Apps Guide to get started. It’s a fun guide that lets you circle, scribble, write and draw to get your ideas on paper.

Our Magik Apps:
  • connect & inform;
  • educate & guide;
  • entertain & amaze people.

Why businesses need apps…
Since the vast majority of consumers use their smartphones to browse for information and entertainment, it makes sense to start exploring what apps can do for your business growth and productivity. 

Mobile Apps can help you to achieve your marketing or business goals. Apps are a strategic way to boost interaction with consumers and clients and can even draw mobile customers to your business or brand. For office and retail use, apps can provide practical business solutions.

Our services
We develop apps for all mobile platforms, all social media, and all end users of all walks of life.
Download a guide
Quick Facts
59% Australians aged over 16 years are smartphone owners (installing on average 30 mobile applications per person)
40% of smartphone users are over the age of 40
85% of phone users own Android and Apple mobile devices

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