We are Magik app developers

Magik Apps is part of the Magik New Media Group. We are Brisbane web developers who have been around since the early days of business websites and we now specialise in building innovative digital solutions of all sorts.
Having developed mobile apps since 2009, we were early to enter the app market and have seen mobile usage grow at an enormous speed. This offers exciting opportunities for businesses that need to grow their potential, just like we have done in the past. 

We APPsolutely pride ourselves for being the visionary early adopters that we are and we would love to introduce your company to the app market too. Just let us do our Magik!

If you don’t use business apps yet, it is not too late still.  We still see countless opportunities for businesses to jump on board and set sail to a future in which you communicate with your target market in a whole new way. People are far more likely to store and share information if it is presented to them in a fun or challenging way and mobile apps are a great tool for that.

Why our apps are so succesful
All Magik apps are handpicked for their potential. Our Magik app developers simply don’t touch fantastical app ideas that they think will never make you money, because we care about the end result. 

Magik apps combine attractive design with user-friendly software. What makes our developers outstanding is their eye for detail. Our apps reflect this and are engaging, educational, fun and addictive:

Every app we make is a different kind of Magik! 

Check out our portfolio to see which type of apps we have built for our clients and how these apps helped to boost these businesses.

Our Process

Research & Planning Research & Planning

The foundation to the App

App Interface Design App Interface Design

The interface and App layout

App Construction App Construction

Construction and building the App

App Deployment App Deployment

Deploying the App to the marketplace

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