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People mainly use their mobile phones for non-voice services nowadays. Apart from Internet browsing, mobile apps are the favourite pastime on smartphones. Our Magik Apps developers in Brisbane design mobile apps for all mobile platforms and for all user groups.
Our Process  App Development Process
Research & Planning Research & Planning
The foundation to the App
App Interface Design App Interface Design
The interface and App layout
App Construction App Construction
Construction and building the App
App Deployment App Deployment
Deploying the App to the marketplace
All you need to know about getting started on line. Download our preparation pack to getting all you need together to creating the ultimate online presence.
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iPad Apps Development

The iPad is an elegant digital tablet from Apple that gives users a mesmerising online browsing experience with a mind-blowing selection of interactive options. No wonder that so many people have taken a liking to this computer that you can take to the park or leave lying around on the coffee table.

While iPhones are considered to be a type of smartphone, iPads are actually tablets, which are slim computers with a touchscreen. You can’t use iPads as a phone and iPads also have a much bigger touchscreen, for example, which make iPads a great presentation tool and also nice to play with.

All consumer groups use the iPad: From 3-year-olds to 90-year-olds and from builders to schoolteachers. This is what makes apps for iPads so great: Your app idea can really conquer the market. 

Magik iPad apps
We can build almost any type of app for iPads. The iPad has great features for company & portfolio presentations, photo & video viewing, and gaming. Magik App developers design custom-made iPad applications to take full advantage of the tablet’s multi-touch screen, powerful processor and advanced features.  

Now the iPad mini is on the market, iPad apps face a user group with a smaller screen size, but the good news is that all iPad apps still work in the iPad mini, because it is still a powerful mobile device.

Magik App is passionate about producing digital applications that deliver and we love designing iPad apps. We can also optimise existing iPhone apps for the iPad platform..

We can create inspiring iPad applications for:

  • Business apps
  • Finance apps
  • Games apps
  • Entertainment apps
  • Social Networking apps
  • Music apps 
  • Utilities apps
  • Productivity apps
  • Lifestyle apps
  • Reference apps
  • Travel apps
  • Navigation apps
  • Sports apps
  • News apps
  • Healthcare & Fitness apps
  • Medical apps
  • Education apps
  • Weather apps
  • Booking apps
  • Photography apps

Do you have an app idea?
Fill out this APPlication form before you contact us to develop your iPhone app. The form will help you to structure your thoughts and will help us to pre-qualify your app.

Magik will not pass on your app idea to a third party and we guarantee you that we won’t run away with your ideas. We APPly the strictest confidentiality!



Did you know..

Tablet devices are forecast to reach 39% of homes by 2013 (up 30% in just 3 years’ time!)
– Source: Australian Online Consumer Report by Nielsen
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