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People mainly use their mobile phones for non-voice services nowadays. Apart from Internet browsing, mobile apps are the favourite pastime on smartphones. Our Magik Apps developers in Brisbane design mobile apps for all mobile platforms and for all user groups.
Our Process  App Development Process
Research & Planning Research & Planning
The foundation to the App
App Interface Design App Interface Design
The interface and App layout
App Construction App Construction
Construction and building the App
App Deployment App Deployment
Deploying the App to the marketplace
All you need to know about getting started on line. Download our preparation pack to getting all you need together to creating the ultimate online presence.
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Mobile Web Development

Mobile web browsing is gradually overtaking desktop Internet browsing: Nowadays millions of Australians are daily searching for products and information on their smartphones. With so much more mobile web traffic, the need to create better browsing experiences for this consumer group has increased dramatically.

If your company website was originally designed for desktop computer screens, it probably doesn’t display the way it should on the small screen of iPhones, HTCs, Samsungs, iPads etc. That is why we recommend our clients to consider developing a mobile website.

What is the difference between a mobile app and a mobile website?
A mobile version of your website, which is optimised for small screens, is called a mobile website. This is not the same as a mobile app. Mobile apps are tools and games that people can download on their smartphones. To prevent losing the thousands of potential customers who now mainly browse the web on their mobile phone, you should consider adding a mobile website to your online presence. 
The advantage of mobile websites is that you can perfectly combine your mobile website with practical, fun, and informative mobile apps, so a mobile website adds a lot of interactive options to your online strategy!

Our Magik mobile web developers have the Magik touch to create engaging mobile websites that can make sure your business remains relevant in the mobile marketplace.

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